Just under a month and it would of been our 1 year anniversary but instead I’m chasing you trying to get you back. :(

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Are you a teen? This blog is just for you!


This is getting more worse each day, it fucking sucks.

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hold me, comfort me, whisper to me, even when the times get hard. kiss my neck, the palm of my hands, the curve of my hips, then kiss me gently on the nose. stare at me, and you will make me blush. grab me by behind and you’ll forever be mine. play with my hair and tickle my feet and i will smile and love you heaps. i just want someone to be behind me, in case i fall, or i hurt myself. i want someone to pick me up and love me till i feel fine again. 

I always do this to you, I’m such a screw up most times >:(

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This is so powerful omg

i love these type of pictures. It shows how judgemental people can be. like what if he was a doctor too? just cause he has tattoos you’re going to judge him? 

this is absolutely perfect.

one he is in a suit.. the other he isn’t derrrr

ruby sparks, good movie